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Montréal, warm, cosmopolite and multicultural
Montreal has that “je ne sais quoi” that combines the enchanting old charm of Europe with the modernity of North America, equally embracing the best of both worlds and becoming the first Canadian city to be named a UNESCO City of Design in 2006.
The city’s streets are lined with a blend of century-old architecture and modern-day skyscrapers that seem surprisingly cutting edge. The juxtaposition between the old and new world — sleek boutiques next to original Chinese restaurants and minimalist coffee shops tucked behind decade-old markets, make for a charming city that feels endlessly exciting to explore. Montreal is an eclectic mix of a world-class music scene, divine cuisine and a vibrant arts community.
Sofitel Montreal is located in the heart of the Golden Square Mile neighborhood, where guests can walk up the lush Mount Royal Park located minutes away from the hotel and enjoy a spectacular view of the entire city. You can visit a multitude of museums, shop at numerouas renowned luxury boutiques or enjoy the city’s culinary scene at many of the high end restaurants located within walking distance from the hotel. In addition, guests can easily have access to the Quartier des Spectacles to enjoy opera or ballet or even stroll down the streets of the historical old Montreal and its old port.
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Montreal is your playground. There is something new to do every week!
After a gourmet breakfast at Le Renoir Restaurant, start walking up and down the Promenade Fleuve-Montagne, a pedestrian link between Montreal’s two iconic natural features, Mount Royal and St. Lawrence River. You will love discovering, or re-discovering, the heart of the city through this 3.8 km walk and let yourself be guided through Montreal’s most emblematic sites, architecture and street art areas.
The city is known for its vibrant art scene that extends onto the city’s walls. Murals and graffiti pop up on buildings around town and particularly along Saint-Laurent boulevard — the city’s main drag. While street art is either illegal or merely tolerated in many cities around the world, Montreal throws the artists a party each year. During the annual Mural Festival, artists from around the world transform Montreal’s walls into canvases filled with eye-popping imagery and brilliant colors.
At lunch time, head to the Mount-Royal for a chic picnic! This hilltop park is also Montréal’ namesake. Mount Royal Park is one of the largest green areas in the city, and offers a number of fantastic views. Frederick Law Olmstead, who is also responsible for New Yorks’ Central Park, designed the park. In the summertime, Tam-Tams take place on the eastern side of the park – an informal gathering that sees thousands of musicians, vendors, and visitors come together every Sunday.
The sun has set, before hanging out why don’t you put your shoes on and walk to Old Montreal and Old port. Do not miss Cité Memoire, this art attraction that projects images onto landmarks and buildings, of people who have contributed and shaped Montreal into the city it is today. The glowing images are accompanied by music, making it a magical experience for a warm summer night spent in one of Montreal’s most exciting districts.
Montreal’s nightlife is certainly one that attract tourists. Start your night in La Terrasse at Le Renoir Restaurant where you can indulge in French champagne and divine meals and then head to the Cloackroom bar, a favourite among cocktail enthusiasts, pairing fine spirits with the expertise of award winning bartenders. Bonne soirée!

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